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I've always loved bloggers who post videos of themselves talking about their post topics - I think it's so personable, & makes me feel like I know them on a level beyond what content they bring me. I'm not one of those bloggers (yet) but I plan on starting soon, and then this page will be updated with videos (posted on IGTV @lexdesk as well). this is just a sneak preview. if you have any video or post ideas, suggestions, or requests, please let me know!


introduction / meet hannah

hello! I'm so glad you're here. come to get to know a little bit about me & my goals for this blog.

goal forecasting

an in-depth look at my goal forecasting process & how I set my weeks, months, & years up for success.

new month, new goals, new semester, near
 posted a poll on my story today and 100

a week in the life

watch me explain what my weeks look like, how I organize my time, & why a planning system is critical to success (both in law school & in life!).