a day in the life of a baby family law attorney

While this isn't necessarily my favorite post to write, I try to stretch myself beyond my own limits and write what I would want to read. Something that I was always curious about in law school was what exactly attorneys do all day. Are they just in court, yelling at people? Talking to clients constantly? Reading books and court cases?

I'm leaving out my entire morning routine for y'all since it feels like those posts are literally everywhere on the internet. However, here's a quick glimpse into my daily life as a family lawyer. It should be noted that this combines most elements of what my day usually consists of; each individual event could be located anywhere during the day.

7:00-7:30: Leave my apartment to drive to work. I'll listen to a podcast or two on the way, and maybe swing by Starbucks or something. My commute is honestly one of my favorite times of the day. I listen to whatever I want, let my thoughts float wherever they want, and just generally have a great time. I also enjoy having that time to get out of my personal mindset, and shift into my work one. By the time I'm parking at the office, I'm ready to go.

8:00: Arrive at the firm, usually with tea or a shake in hand.

8:00-9:00: Prepping for the day, getting myself organized, answering emails, getting ready for any hearings I have.

9:00: This is when court begins. Thus far, I've only been doing morning calendars on zoom, but I've had a few hearings in person.

10:00-12:00: This is when I do the larger task work of the day - drafting declarations, memorandums of points and authorities, disclosures, basically the big billables.

12:00-1:00: Lunch. If I bring my own lunch, I'll read a book while I eat or surf instagram or something like that. If we're going out, I normally grab Dutch Bros on the way back for my paralegal and I.

1:00-3:00: This is the timeframe where most of my client meetings happen. Normally I'll have 2-3 intake meetings a week for new clients, and 2-3 meetings a week to discuss projects moving forward with current clients., and a meeting or two with opposing parties or attorneys to try to hammer things like settlements and continuances out. I try to meet with clients before filing motions to get an idea of what I'm drafting.

3:00-4:00: Second round of emails. This is where I'm sending out summaries from meetings that day, any case updates I have to clients (or to the overseeing partner, if I've been doing work on one of their cases instead). I also make sure all of my billable time is logged.

4:00-5:00: I'll leave sometime in this window, depending on how long it takes to wrap everything up and how long I took for lunch.

5:00-6:00: My commute home is about 45 minutes with traffic. I take the time to listen to podcasts, decompress from the day, and shift out of my work frame of mind and into my personal one.

So, there you have it - a day in my life! Sometimes days go a little differently (for example, today I took my car to the mechanic at lunch because it broke down like the insufferable piece of shiny metal it is), but largely this is a good example of what a work day looks like.