back in the saddle: a life update

As is rather obvious from the radio silence on this page recently, I took a bit of a blog break during the summer. In that spirit, here are some things you might have missed (particularly if you're not following lexdesk on Instagram! #shamelessplug).

  • I had a judicial externship with the Chief Federal Bankruptcy Judge of the Eastern District of California over the summer. It was truly such an incredible experience, although I was exhausted all the time. Turns out, a lot of people are going bankrupt during covid . . . who knew?

  • I'm now in my last semester EVER of law school and I'm kind of freaking out about it.

  • I registered for the February 2021 bar last week and I am DEFINITELY freaking out about it.

  • For the semester, I am back to working at my old firm, which focuses on eminent domain and property cases. I am a fan of both.

  • Now that my J.D. is almost in hand, I'm starting to think about my Ph.D . . . .

That's it for now. Just a short quick update! I'll be back to posting more regularly soon. You can always follow @lexdesk on Instagram for more regular updates. Some topics I'm planning on blogging about in the future include my new daily routine, how I'm starting bar prep early, being a bar prep company rep, 3Litis, and pulling out of a rut.