never miss a breakfast

When you wake up in the mornings, what's the first thing you do?

This week on my Instagram, I discussed the importance of breakfast in a fairly lengthy caption. I'm a huge proponent of eating breakfast. I know there's a common trend with so many people that there's just "no time" for breakfast, or you just don't get hungry right when you wake up, and so it's typically the thing that gets cut when the mornings get crazy. But . . . I'd bet you took a couple of extra minutes to scroll your feed before getting up, or you took your sweet time in the shower, or possibly stopped by Starbucks on your drive into work. Guess what you could have been doing during those few extra minutes? That's right . . . eating breakfast.

my typical morning

Your breakfasts don't have to be complicated. They don't even have to be right when you wake up. My morning routine has changed a bit, since I'm currently not working and finished bar studying and all that jazz. My days will definitely be adjusted quite a bit when I start working again, but until then, here's what an average morning looks like:

6:30am: wake up, make a cup of tea, & sip while reading

7:30am: take Captain (my dog!) for a walk & listen to a podcast or have a phone chat with someone special

8:15am: work out

9:00am: make breakfast & eat it while listening to a podcast or watching TV (the only time I watch TV these days)

9:30am: clean the kitchen, tidy my room, & make my to-do list for the day.

I realize I have much slower mornings then I will be able to once I start working, especially if I have to commute, but I'm planning on getting up around 5am instead and working out in the evening once that happens.

why I love breakfast

Eating breakfast is one of my favorite parts of my morning, because I am completely relaxed and I really enjoy putting together my meals. It jumpstarts my system, makes me feel energized and ready to begin the day, and is some quiet time just to myself before the day starts. I realize that not all of these things apply to everybody, since people like mothers, for example, probably don't usually get to eat silently without little people running around demanding their attention. BUT, whether you eat breakfast in peace or not, the act of starting your day with something healthy and delicious is always going to be an improvement.

easy, healthy breakfasts that I make ALL the time

Next up, I thought I'd throw together some easy breakfasts that take about 5 minutes to make and that I rotate through. I don't love spending tons of time in the kitchen in the mornings, so these are all about as quick as they can possibly be!

  • granola & greek yogurt: think of this as cereal, but using yogurt instead of milk. just mix it together and you're good to go.

  • peanut butter toast with chopped bananas on top: I would go into further detail, but this is literally exactly what it sounds like.

  • smoked salmon bagels: a bit on the bougie side, but full of protein and healthy fats. My roommates (and others) are NOT fans of fish in the morning and think I'm crazy, but a bit of cream cheese & some capers over a lightly toasted smoked salmon bagel? Heaven.

  • scrambled eggs & spinach: scrambled eggs are so, SO quick to make! I love putting Trader Joe's Everything Bagel seasoning in with some sea salt and cracked pepper, and then adding baby spinach and whatever other veggies sound good in an omelet (tomatoes are a favorite, though I know people tend to have mixed opinions). I've also recently gotten into sauteing a bit of pancetta and tossing that in as well.

  • avocado toast & an egg sunny side up: avocado toast is extremely basic these days, but it's also extremely delicious, easy to make, and good for you. I mash up the avocado with some sea salt, everything bagel seasoning, & a spritz of lime juice and then put an egg on top. quick & delicious.

  • french toast with fruit: french toast is a favorite because it's really easy to make in batches and freeze some for use later. I freeze mine and then throw it in the toaster to heat it back up, but if you wanted to be a little less chaotic you could reheat it in a skillet. Then I add fresh berries or fruit on the side and it's good to go.

  • cereal: I'm sure you can figure out how to prepare this one, but it's a staple. Quick, easy, versatile... anyone can throw together a bowl of cereal. Even if you think cereal is a cop-out, better to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast than no breakfast at all!

Hit me up on Instagram or in the comments with some of your favorite quick easy breakfast ideas! I'd love to hear them!