no-nonsense tips for law students

  • always study when you feel like it. sometimes also when you don’t feel like it, but the point is that when you’re in the mood to get stuff done just freaking do it and do not continue to watch netflix or nap when you feel that NEED to get things done. for serial procrastinators like me, learning to act on these moods is a key to success

  • schedule breaks into your day. that way you are calming yourself down because your rest time is FOR SURE happening. i get antsy when i see my calendar completely full and my body starts to get antsy & there’s just “TAKE A BREAK! TAKE A BREAK!” chanting in my head (dunno. don’t judge)

  • crank your AC while studying. your brain gets tired when it’s warm. way better to wear a sweatshirt and focus then booty shorts and dozing off because it’s just soooo cozy…

  • get your blood pumping if you start to lose focus. playing hall soccer with my puppy or a quick sun salutation are my go-tos, but you could take a walk, sprint up and down your hallway, stretch for a few minutes, or do some sit ups (but God, at what cost). this’ll send blood to your brain and keep it alert

  • set a minimum of 3 alarms every morning. we like to think it’s realistic to only set one at a time 2 hours before you need to be up, but let’s be honest - that’s just really not going to happen. you've got to have your own back and have 3 alarms. 

  • shower at night. it will just make your life easier to not deal with wet hair in the morning, and you don’t have to go to school greasy or embrace the hat life on days that showers just don’t happen. alternatively, invest in a good quality blow dryer that eliminates the wet hair issue.

  • eat. meals. every. day. preferably something different for each one, and different from day to day, but if all you have time for is cereal and a peach every morning, that’s better than nothing. trust me, I have absolutely been there.

  • IF YOU ARE SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES OR SOMETHING, go to an atm and take the cash you’re allowed to spend out ahead of time and leave your cards at home. thank me later. law students have zero self-control during our rare treat-yoself moments because let's face it - they're extremely infrequent.

  • text your mom. she misses you. 

  • bring a water bottle, ibuprofen, & chapstick with you everywhere. you just never know.

  • also, always have an accessible phone/laptop charger or battery bank, as well as a flashlight & blanket (I keep these in my car). when your car breaks down in the night when you still have to study, you’ll be warm, be able to call a tow, and be able to continue studying by the light you so cleverly always have on hand (maybe this is only applicable to people with cars older than dirt but mine legit broke down twice last year so idk maybe im paranoid)

  • don’t convince yourself of lies. YOU DO NOT NEED COFFEE/ALCOHOL/POT to function. you don’t. substance addiction is real and you don’t want to be apart of it. that being said . . . if you drink coffee everyday because it's a small, small reminder that joy still exists and that life goes on outside of law school, or you have one too many tequila sunrises on a night out after a particularly demoralizing exam, that's a different story.

  • find a safe place that has zero affiliation with law school, whether that’s a church, an animal shelter you volunteer at, a local coffee shop, your parents' house, whatever. sometimes you’re just going to need to be somewhere that isn’t the library and that is a very fine thing

  • don't reinvent the wheel. if you had a system for planning, studying, or just plain living your life that worked for you before law school, don't abandon it in favor of trying every other study method you've ever heard of. law school doesn't entirely change who you are and how you work. if flashcards were your jam in undergrad, you're not magically going to become an auditory learner in law school. use what you already know about your study habits to help you succeed.

got other ideas? comment them below and let me know!